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WILSON Football Receivers Gloves Campaign

Throughout American sports history, no other brand has been partnered with a league longer than Wilson has been with the NFL.  Not only has every point scored in the NFL been with a Wilson Football, but every Wilson NFL game ball has been handcrafted in Ada, OH by skilled craftsmen and women for decades.

When Wilson introduced a football receivers glove to compete in the market it had a technology that no other competitor had.

Campaign Ads

Wilson Sporting Goods ran a series of 3 ads to capitalize on a benefit their competitors did not. An exclusive proprietary technology they trademarked named Insta-Grip. It is a dry palm tack material that is tacky to the touch but doesn't leave behind residue.

The campaign strategy was to introduce this new technology and use the heritage and branding of the Wilson name to help leverage the branding effort.


With a little tongue in cheek humor the primary message portrayed is a consequence when not wearing the Insta-Grip glove. The tagline re-enforces that message clearly.  Each ad features an NFL scene set against a brick wall to communicate the idea of texture, grit and a tough larger than life environment.

The campaign was introduced in trade publications and unveiled at the Supershow of Atlanta. It made an immediate impact  generating sales far exceeding the first and second quarter estimated sales numbers and continues to compete against competitors currently.

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