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Vibativ Campaign

Astellas Pharma created a breakthrough product in the area of treatment for MRSA and cSSSI. 




Creation of a new website for Vibativ

The launch of the new website featured the new campaign and messaging along with key information. The Prescribing Information and Important Safety Information remained static in the main navigation and accessible at all times.

Creation of a Digital app to diagnose and monitor MRSA and cSSSI

The app featured patient profiles and the navigation was broken down into four main patient categories: inpatient, outpatient, hospital patient, and home health patient.



To properly diagnose and monitor MRSA and cSSSI you have to identify the symptoms for optimal treatment outcomes.


My Role

As the Product Designer/Manager and UX/UI lead, I supplied wireframes and final designs for mobile web and desktop. To better understand our customers, I also conducted research and user testing. The team consisted of a product manager, a frontend developer, and a backend developer.


Understanding the Problem

In the qualitative research and testing that we did with physicians through surveys and diaries/ logs. We found key pain points and barriers to properly diagnose and determine the clinical assessment and care.



A series of patient profiles that help diagnose and determine the clinical assessment and care of a patient with MRSA or cSSSI. Moving forward with the aforementioned findings, I created wireframes with my recommendations:

- Re-order of the navigation into four main categories

- Rework the current treatment program and clinical outcome section

- Clean up the UI

- Strategize on information hierarchy and rearrange accordingly

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