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Ray Ban Campaign

The creation of this campaign was to re-establish the heritage that Ray-Ban has had with Hollywood stars and the film industry and remind the consumer of the close relationship Ray-Ban and Hollywood share.

Ray-Ban is a high end brand of sunglasses with many styles. Their name is associated with value, quality, protection, reliability and style. In the past, Ray-Ban would focus on the features and benefits of their sunglasses rather than the fashion although their designs are timeless.

Campaign Ads

Ray-Ban was losing market share to sport-influenced and fashion brands.

The campaign strategy was to remind consumers of
Ray-Ban's heritage. What made the brand famous even before product placement was in fact who was wearing them. What is more iconic than John F. Kennedy wearing your sunglasses? So the new campaign was stripped down to celebrity.
Ray-Ban sunglasses have appeared in many movies, with many stars, on and off the big screen.
The campaign uses simple, clean, minimal art direction and design. The message is simple - Ray-Ban sunglasses are legendary with the Hollywood elite.

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