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NCAA Official Football Ad

When Wilson Sporting Goods competed for and won the contract to become the official football of the NCAA they wanted to market the news. The wanted to make a statement and have visual to reinforce that statement. We created a series of ads for them but in the end they ran with only one. It was a big hit you could say.


The visual challenge of creating an ad using NCAA footage was making sure players were not recognizable. Being recognizable in advertising they would lose their eligibility. Paid or not.

Through an exhaustive search and with the help of Photoshop we found the perfect series of images that really told this news in an impactful way.

The ad ran in all the trade journals and was so popular requests came in asking for larger ads i.e. posters. So posters were made and sent out to all the media outlets. All sales reps had them for their accounts as well. Re-reinforcing that Wilson is the official football of the NCAA.

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