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MPI Research is a leading Clinical research organization specializing in drug development strategy. Clinical research labs compete in a crowded, high-tech field all touting their features and benefits. MPI Research needed to break out from the pack. Their core benefits include pre-clinical research customized to the clients needs.


The solution was to cut through the complexity and tell their story in a unique and visually impactful way.

The result has helped MPI Research become the most trusted and preferred early stage drug development CRO through responsiveness to their Sponsors’ needs, the excellence of our science, and the quality of their studies.


Campaign Ad

With an award winning photographer and CGI agency, we transformed an ordinary scientific flask into a research laboratory. The new campaign featured the 4 key areas at which MPI Research excels. The headline reinforces the visual, and the subhead communicates that MPI Research delivers customized solutions as a partner to its clients.

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