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T Brennan has worked with Fortune 500 companies and professional athletes such as Michael Jordan, Penny Hardaway, Steffi Graf, and Pete Sampras. Creating unique, successful one-of-a-kind identities for their brands.


Creating smart, innovative, and powerful work from concept and design all the way to final production. Using tangible elements that will determine how your brand is perceived.

Consistent marketing and messaging leads to consistent brand identity and, therefore, new sales. T Brennan crafts positive brand identities that translate into a professional brand image.


Wilson Sporting Goods had a need to capitalize on their relationship with Michael Jordan, 5-time NBA MVP award winner, and use that leverage in marketing. This was done by creating a one-of-a-kind brand identity and was used on products to leverage their endorsement relationship with Michael.

Authentic Game Equipment

Wilson Sporting Goods wanted to establish and remind consumers and clients of their commitment
to manufacturing the highest quality professional-grade equipment. This was done by creating
a wordmark identity and applied to only professional-grade equipment, packaging, hang-tags,
and marketing materials. The logo represents both a gold standard and seal of approval.


Jet Basketball

Creating a new identity for a product that has over 60 years
of heritage can be daunting. The process had to be simple and smart, building on existing equity.
The logo had to be modern and contemporary so it could stand the test of time for perhaps
another 60 years.



Amgen was bringing to market the first and only FDA-approved mucosal growth factor to help protect against the devastation of severe oral mucositis. At the same time a campaign was being developed, they needed a logo identity.

While the icon represents the mosaic imagery in the campaign, the square serifs complement the icon. The icon is made up of 9 symmetrical squares creating 1 complete square. The icon color grows in strength from left to right which represents rebuilding or regeneration.

Avenger Basketball logo

This was the first time Wilson Sporting Goods used foil stamping on a premium-grade basketball.


Performance Management Program

This is an identity system for a new human resources management program.


The triangle and its overlapping intersections represent touch points and collaboration. The gradations represent the blending of performance, success, and growth. The typeface uses lowercase letters with flowing circular letter forms to represent a comfortable interaction.

Urology Practice Consultant

BOTOX Urology has a team to consult with urologists on matters including practice management.
There was a need for a brand identity unique to this group of specialists.


The logo was designed focusing on 3 key attributes, the patient, physician, and consultant.
These attributes are represented by a 3-letter acronym and an icon that consists of geometric shapes.




The Pacific Edge

Pacific Communications, the largest pharmaceutical marketing, and advertising agency on the West Coast developed an educational program for its employees. An identity was created for
this ongoing program consisting of seminars, literature and other educational media. 


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