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Benlysta Campaign

Now there is a new first-line therapy for 300,000 U.S. patients and many more around the world. Benlysta has been growing by double digits every year since launch. Sales of Benlysta in 2016 were $361.5million, up 18% year-over-year. In the first half of 2017, sales increased 29%  to $240 million.

Glaxosmithkline (GSK) BENLYSTA created the first prescription treatment in over 50 years approved for adults with active systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE or lupus). The clinical trial successes of Benlysta prompted The FDA to execute a priority review of Benlysta which they successfully passed.

Campaign Ad

Lupus takes its name from the Latin word "lupus", meaning wolf. This is because a lupus-caused rash on a person's face resembles a wolf.


The strategy behind the campaign for this new product was to focus on its efficacy in a softer more inviting way.


Rather than patient photography, the campaign imagery uses a painterly style. Featuring a multi-racial woman, the problem (lupus as the wolf) is weaved into her hair but now under her control. The efficacy is represented by the woman being able to tie a ribbon without inflammation or pain.



Print Materials

Sales Aid

Sales Aid featuring the branding that the sales rep can use when talking with a physician about mechanism of action, study design, efficacy, endpoints, and data.

Patient Brochures

Brochures detailing clinical trial results and mechanism of action

Patient Profiles

Patient profiles were created to assist physicians in  identifying symptoms of lupus.

Benlysta Website

One of the challenges for the website was prominent branding with as many as 9 different prompts on the home page.

BEN-website-homepage copy.jpg

Digital app for iOS and Android

The digital app was created for an audience so the Benlysta story could take them through all the key points and features behind the product. The app was first introduced at the ACR tradeshow.

ACR TradeShow

To introduce Benlysta at the annual American College of Rheumatology trade show we implemented a fully interactive immersive experience on a 70' x 40' floor plan.


The physical booth was branded across the top with a crisscross pattern that could be seen from the entire showroom floor. It represented the ribbon in the campaign imagery. The floor
plan design had MOA video kiosks on the outer perimeter, leading foot traffic to the middle of the booth where the interactive patient profiles were positioned.


At different kiosks we could take the physicians through the Lupus story, the patient experience and Benlysta's role in both.

MOA and Disease State Interactive Experience

Sales Reps could interact with physicians via a full multimedia, multi-touch point experience. Profiles on patient types were created to help identify symptoms and make more accurate diagnoses, including exploring medications, standard therapies, history of disease activity, and organ involvement and hematology.

MOA Interactive Video

Creating an MOA video on molecular science can take you on an inner space journey where creativity needs to come to the front. We recruited a well-known video production studio in Europe to help bring our storyboards to life. The video and kiosk created another great touch point for the sales rep to interact with the trade show attendee.

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