OK, some personal stuff. How does a kid from the burbs of Chicago, who grew up on a John Deere tractor and with a love for The Flash and Legos, end up in Orange County, CA? Advertising is the short answer. The Legos and tractors are both much cooler now than when I was a kid, but all that tinkering and building helped shape me. It instilled creativity, vision, and problem-solving skills.

Now here is some professional stuff. I'm an
award-winning Creative Director with a strategic
digital and integrated, cross-channel background.
As a senior leader, contributor, and catalyst
I have managed multi-million dollar brands
throughout my career. Experienced in
advertising design, graphic design, multimedia
design and web development, I commit to
managing every phase of brand development
and client relationships by contributing with

an understanding of every role of the team and
effectively supplying the required interfaces needed
to deliver results.


And I can still build a pretty wicked Millennium Falcon.




Adobe InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Mac OS, Keynote, Windows, Microsoft Office,
Wordpress, CSS, Sketch, Invision, Marvel

The Rx Club Awards (24),

The Rx Club Awards Gold (1),

The MM&M Awards (1),

The Globals (3),

PMT Reader’s Choice Awards (2), MM&M Magazine
Most memorable campaigns from the last 40 years (1),

Allergan Employee
Award of Excellence

 Launched new products into the pharmaceutical and consumer markets. Brands with net sales in excess of 50 million dollars. Including: Kepivance, Benlysta, Neulasta: one of the most successful Biotech launches in history. $2.5 billion in sales, Vibativ, AmBisome, Aloxi, Olux Foam, JUVEDERM Voluma, Ozurdex,

Wilson /NCAA football



and bunch more...

Leadership and leadership development


Creating award winning and high quality consumer, business-to-business and pharmaceutical advertising


 Proven capacity to consistently produce strong conceptual creative ideas


Experience leading creative teams through every phase of the creative process 


The ability to offer a keen understanding of every role of the team and effectively supply the required interfaces needed

to deliver results



and counting...



plus a few more...



and then some...